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Long Ago Promises

Long Ago Promises

We are barraged by bank ads, each claiming to provide down home comforts for bosom-buddy customers, all of whom will be defended to the death. In my view, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference in most banks. I’ll settle for the one whose checks can be easily torn from checkbooks without mangling. Another observation: The folks making the loans are NOT the same ones featured in TV bank ads.

Voter registration deadline for primary approaches

Voter registration deadline for primary approaches

The deadline to register to vote in the Texas Democratic and Republican primary elections is Feb. 5. Voters on March 5 will choose their nominees for president, U.S. Senator, all 38 U.S. House members from Texas, and a number of other state and local offices, from the Texas Supreme Court to district attorneys, sheriffs and county commissioners.

Marry a Man who will

Marry a Man who will stand the heat with you

June in West Texas was brutally hot and windy. Was it worse than normal, or am I just getting cranky? This June hurt. Then there were flies. Oh the flies! The biting flies! Hundreds, no, thousands... No, I’m positive there were millions of flies. My poor horses and donkeys were miserable. They quit eating, and instead, swatted flies with their tails and swung their heads all day and night. They were constantly stomping their feet, staying in motion, trying to combat the biting flies. They were sleep deprived and didn’t act like themselves. I bought everything that promised it would kill flies, but each product helped for only a few minutes. I kept two fans running in the barn to try and give them some relief from the heat and shoo the flies away, but it didn’t come close to making a difference.


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