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A warning, at least this time

Texas automobile driver was “tooling” down a rural highway on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Most motorists had already reached destinations, or maybe decided not to go. He felt alone, not another vehicle in sight on a long stretch of pavement. Suddenly, flashing lights in his rearview mirror were strong indicators that he wasn’t alone. Further, he wondered if his definition of “tooling” might run sideways with the A definition understood by the Department of Public Safety trooper ambling toward his parked vehicle.

We don’t know about tomorrow

We don’t know about tomorrow

You can’t plan the way your life unfolds. Oh, sure, you might think you have an idea, but you never know what tomorrow will bring. The wind blows in a different direction and suddenly you are living a truth you never planned. You are face to face with something you never let yourself imagine. You find yourself dealing with a loss so great it is unfathomable.


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