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Majority of Texas teachers actively consider quitting

Majority of Texas teachers actively consider quitting

More than three-fourths of Texas teachers say they have seriously considered quitting the profession largely because of a perceived lack of respect and support, according to a new survey by the Charles Butt Foundation. Excessive workload and inadequate pay were other major reasons that teachers are considering leaving, The Dallas Morning News and other media outlets reported.

Easy fall fitness opportunities

Easy fall fitness opportunities

Fall is here, the leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping and the joy of being outdoors in Texas is felt from all regions. The change in season means a lot of activities and people excitedly prepping for upcoming events. Below are some tips on how we can keep active while enjoying the breezier climate and our busy social schedules:

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The Redhead and Cat

Here’s the thing: I’m not superstitious. It all started when I was still in Mexico, visiting a gallery, and I saw a painting across the room. The composition was striking. The bottom third was black and the top two-thirds were filled with a deep blue sky and great white clouds rising from the horizon. There was a bare tree on the right side and on the left was a full moon. I felt pulled into the gallery and across the room to see the picture, and that’s when the figures in the foreground became clear.


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