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Today’s water research bolsters tomorrow’s food availability

Today’s water research bolsters tomorrow’s food availability

There is no mistaking the critical role water plays throughout the world — it is essential to life on Earth. TexasA&M AgriLife is celebrating the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ World Food Day, celebrated on Oct. 16, by recognizing the strides made within its agencies to develop sustainable farming methods that optimize water usage while ensuring food security. Now more than ever, people rely on innovative pursuits to protect water usage while also managing to feed a growing population. This is a worldwide issue challenging everyone to do more with less, making wise water use a global priority.

School Board hears report on private school voucher plan

Lamesa School Superintendent David Ritchey predicted that if a legislative bill allocating public funds for private schools passes, lawmakers will then temporarily offer public schools salary increases and other financial incentives. After a few years, they will pull the rug out from under public schools halting the additional funding.


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