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    Reflections By Benjamin Hettick

The true value of simple pleasures

I love fall and winter weather. There are just so many simple pleasures that go well with the cold. Hot chocolate, warm fi replaces, and blankets are all things that make me happy and aren’t quite the same during the warmer months of the year. Simple pleasures are the littler things that people scatter throughout their day to treat themselves and give them a break from the busyness of the day.

When I’m at the offi ce, the satisfaction of a completed project, a lively conversation with an employee, or just a sip of cool water are some of the things that make my work enjoyable. My time at home, however, is just a marathon of simple pleasures. A half hour in front of the TV, a snack from the fridge, or a conversation with my wife really help me recharge daily. Of course, the space between the work days aren’t always packed with nonstop fun. Sometimes there are rooms to be cleaned, groceries to be bought, laundry to be done. Sometimes completing an errand can be rewarding on its own. Of course, I’d rather spend that time doing something less tedious, but these things just have to be done sometimes.


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