Preparation work started here this week for the citywide replacement of water meters for customers of the City of Lamesa.
    “Meter crews started working on Monday in the alleyways to clean up the existing boxes where the new meters will be placed,” Dionicio Garza Jr., utilities director for the city, told the Press-Reporter.
    The vehicles being used by those crews have a sign on the side that verify that they are a contractor working for the City of Lamesa, Garza pointed out. He added that the crew members are wearing bright neon-colored t-shirts with the lettering for “Meter Crew” on the back.
    “We want everyone to be aware that these crews are working here,” Garza said, “so they won’t be alarmed if they see some people around their water meter in the alleyway adjacent to their home or business.”
    A second meter-changing crew is scheduled to arrive in Lamesa on June 1 to begin taking out the current water meters and installing the new ones, Garza said.
    During the actual removal and installation of water meters, beginning next month, Garza said, the water service will be interrupted briefly for each individual customer when the meters are being changed.
    Garza pointed out that the entire process of replacing all of the city water meters could take from three to five months, depending on weather conditions.
    While the work is beginning near the downtown area, Garza said, the crews will be following the actual route that city employees follow each month to read the meters so they will not be working in any specific area of the city.


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